Our company has the ability to weld all types of steel (carbon, alloy, refractory, stainless). The equipment is manufactured by well-known companies in this field of activities: SECHERAN, ESAB, KEMPI, LINCOLN ELECTRIC, ISIM.

• Maximal dimensions of welding seam: diameter - 6 m; length - 25 m
• Two welding lines elbows on MILLER generators (dimentional range 26“ to 48”)
• Automatic equipment for submerged arc welding (121; SAW)
• Equipment for gas tungsten arc welding - WIG (141; GTAW)
• Equipment for medium welding MIG / MAG (135; GMAW)
• Equipment for electric welding with covered electrodes (111, SMAW)
• Welding beams
• Rotary tables
• Microplasma



As a leading manufacturer of technological equipment in this part of Europe, ROTEC is constantly looking to increase the quality and diversity of its product range, as well as looking for opportunities to form long-term relationships with large customers caliber.