Blasting & Painting

We offer our customers blasting services.

Blasting installation:
• length: 15.1m
• width: 5.8 m
• height: 5.1 m

Automated blasting installations for plates and profiles:
• plate (profile) length: 12000 mm
• maximum height: 600 mm
• minimum blasting thickness: 5 mm
• maximum blasting width: 2550 mm
• turbines no.: 6
• blasting speed: 0.5 ÷ 3m / min

In addition, our certification and training provides our customers complete services for all types of cleaning and surface preparation.

According to your complete technical specifications, our painters can apply painting systems with paint from various well-known brands, each time being supervised by the responsible person from our techical department.

Painting /drying installation manual painting:
•cabin length: 12m
•cabin width: 6 m
•cabin height: 5 m


As a leading manufacturer of technological equipment in this part of Europe, ROTEC is constantly looking to increase the quality and diversity of its product range, as well as looking for opportunities to form long-term relationships with large customers caliber.